Why Work With Us

We are internationally accredited
OSE’s manufacturing facility is API and ISO 9001:2008 accredited with full range API gauges. All products are therefore, manufactured according to API standards and specifications.

We are a globally competitive company
OSE is on par excellence with suppliers from all over the world. Its appointment as an approved supplier/vendor to the world’s top oilfield services providers is a testament to its reputation for quality products and exceptional service. OSE has also received very positive feedback and commendations from its global customers.

We have a highly skilled technical workforce
A significant 25% of OSE’s total workforce have highly specialised skills in software design and programming, design engineering, research and development. OSE is committed to invest in training its existing and new employees in new technologies.

We provide high value, complex manufacturing capabilities
OSE operates a technically advanced manufacturing facility that utilises automation and adopts cutting-edge technology to develop a superior range of fishing, drilling and specialty tools for the oil and gas industry. The Plant Engineer works in tandem with the Quality Control Engineer to ensure all manufacturing processes operate under strict adherence to international best practices. This obsession with standards ensures customers get quality products, every time.

We provide fast solutions to complex problems
The OSE engineering team have over 30 years of combined experience in designing or configuring the right fishing tools that provide fast and cost-effective solutions to help fishing services companies resolve problems with broken or lost equipment in the hole. Our technically-trained sales consultants also provide a heightened level of service and knowledge to customers.

We offer attractive pricing to global fishing services companies
Because OSE’s operating costs are much lower than multinational fishing tools companies, it can offer customers its selection of new fishing, milling, P&A and drilling tools at more competitive prices. This cost advantage helps its customers reduce cost significantly.

We have a proven track record
OSE has a proven track record of customer satisfaction as evident from its long list of customer referrals and repeat orders, and success in supplying and manufacturing downhole tools of varying complexity.

Recognition & Accolades from satisfied global clients
Fast turnarounds, consistently high-quality products, high responsiveness to customer queries, prompt delivery, and in-depth product knowledge are some of the reasons why OSE continues to be the preferred vendor for major global oil services companies.